Looking at it, Desir Arman recalled the memory of his previous life.

The enormous sacrifice that followed in order to capture the beast of the apocalypse.

All the forces that could be mobilized by the whole human race came together to defeat the enemy, and after tens of thousands of people had died, it was only a monster that succeeded in its attack.

'I tried to capture it. I succeeded in attacking the apocalypse of the Apocalypse with a small force that I could not compare with my previous life.

Moreover, the number of casualties was only a few hundred.

Of course, it could not be said that it was small, but considering the size of casualties that occurred when attacking the beast of Apocalypse in previous life, it was a remarkable achievement.

“……It's a magic of great power. " Rafaelo, who was staring at the glowing red flames, suddenly said to Desir Arman.

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