Маги 5 круга способны сносить горы:

Desir Arman slapped his mana circle, but he seemed to have 5 rounds.

If the magic level was not comparable to other kingdoms, it was very strong in 5 circles in the kingdom.


When I saw him, the soldiers saluted him at once.

However, he frowned as if he saw something very unpleasant.

He sailed round and round to the kay on the deck.

"Thank you, Major Kajazu Mahurun." "Lieutenant Colonel Darren Alef, I have been successful in finding stuff, so I do not have to come here like this." "I had a lot of trouble doing my mission with no magic power." “……It certainly was not easy.

That would not be an exception for Magician. " "Fuhu, do not make the mistake of equating sword and magic, the great Sword Saint.

When our Magician breaks up and blows off the mountain, you only have to do a few shots to see it.

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