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The Gulrature Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy in the Segelam Cluster. Its capital is the planet Lojamiral.


Sangrino Lars Battle[]

The Sangrino Lars Battle was a gang war between the Gulratch Gang and the Jaymino Gang. They fought over planets all over the galaxy, causing havoc and destruction. A messenger from the Jaymino Gang, Sangrino Lars, famously developed a bioweapon inside of a message he delivered to the leader of the Gulratch Gang, Jondas Starman, which controlled his mind and made him order the members of his gang to kill each other. The chaos in the gang split it up, resulting in the two factors of the gang made up of the people who refused to follow Starman's orders. The two gangs were the Gulratch-Emponto Gang and the Gulratch-Tsajkiral Gang. This event gave the galaxy its name, the Gulrature Galaxy.

Gulratch Gang Wars[]

The Gulratch Gang Wars were extended wars between the Gulratch-Emponto and Gulratch-Tsajkiral gangs.