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The Skazmonoff Galaxy is a galaxy in the Segelam Cluster, which is in the Bluegen Universe. Its capital is the planet Jonsodjori.


Ompron Empire[]

The Ompron Empire subtly gained power in the Skazmonoff galaxy, and eventually took control. They ruled for a very long time, and had unlimited political power. They made Sandoshanśi the capital of Skazmonoff. But Sandoshanśi was bombed and destroyed, killing many leading figures of the Ompron Empire, including High Commander Falåski. This brought the empire to an end.

Battle of Jarcon[]

Tensions between the planets Folari and Jakaran, who both had superweapons, led to the war known as the Battle of Jarcon. They fought on the large moon Jarcon, while Folari launched missiles and shot many powerful bolts at the Sendari, Kalsoto, and Bolon stellar systems, which all contained Jakaran outposts. Jakaran had also planted many bombs on over four-hundred-million planets, and even more moons. Jakaran threatened to detenate them if Folari didn't surrender. Folari kept fighting and the bombs were detonated, killing lots of creatures all over the galaxy. Folari won the battle against Jakaran.